As you may know, Governor Ivey enacted a closure of nonessential business from March 27 through April 17. Our President has already urged Americans to continue distancing themselves 6 ft from others through April 30, and our doctors believe this will likely be extended.

At Alabama Hearing Associates, this means we are closed for business as usual, but we are still available to help in several ways.

To alleviate exposure to our patients and our staff, we have consolidated all business to the Madison office for now. Even if you typically see us in Huntsville, we can still help you from Madison. 8075 Madison Blvd. Suite 108, Madison, 35758.

Here are some of the ways we can help you in the weeks ahead:


1. Your ‘Hearing Health Hotline’ (256) 319-4327

If anyone within our community is having a problem with their hearing aids, our ‘Hearing Health Hotline’ is open from 9am-5pm, Monday through Friday.


2. Scheduled Drop-Off Service

Having problems with your hearing aid? Call to schedule a time to drop off the aid in the box in front of the office.

When you arrive, give us a call, and we will get the aid while you wait in your car. We will diagnose the problem and repair, sanitize the aid and return to the box for you to retrieve.


3. Supplies Delivered to You

If you need batteries, filters, or any other supplies, we will mail them to you. We are unable to mail hearing aids.


4. Telehealth Services

If you need help, our team can schedule a remote telehealth appointment, allowing us to support and care for you from the safety of your own home.


If you have an upcoming appointment with us, please do not worry about canceling. Our friendly staff will be calling to check on you and reschedule your visit as soon as possible.

This situation is fluid, and we will continue to do the best thing to help our patients and our community.

This is a scary time for our families and our business, but we are committed to helping our community heal from this pandemic. We do not in any way want to become a vector and source of spread. Please do your part and continue social distance 6 feet or more from those outside your household and STAY HOME!

Your overall health, not just your hearing health, is our priority. Please know that we are here for you at Alabama Hearing Associates! Warm Regards, Dr. Jan and Dr. Susan

Warm Regards,

Dr. Susan Sheehy & Dr. Jan Liles

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Dr. Susan Sheehy

Dr. Sheehy earned her bachelor’s and master’s degrees in audiology at the University of Alabama before beginning her career as a clinical audiologist in Huntsville. In 2005, she received her doctorate in audiology from Salus University. Dr. Sheehy is one of a specialized subset of audiologists certified in tinnitus retraining therapy (TRT). By appointment from the governor, she has served as a member and chairperson of the Alabama Board of Examiners in Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology.
    Basic Hearing Test

    A basic hearing test begins with an air conduction test. You will be seated in a soundproof booth and single-use, foam earphones will be inserted into your ear canals. The Audiologist will ask you to push a button or raise your hand when you barely hear a series of beeps (tones) presented at various frequencies (pitches) to obtain your air conduction thresholds.

    To determine whether your hearing loss is a conductive (mechanical) loss, sensorineural (permanent) loss or combination of the two, we perform a bone conduction test.  

    For this test, a head band is place on the bone behind one of the ears to obtain your bone conduction thresholds. This process provides a different form of sound transmission using vibration, which bypasses the eardrum and the middle ear bones and directly stimulates the auditory nerve. When you hear the beeps/tones, you will push a button or raise your hand.

    If bone conduction thresholds are better than air conduction thresholds (through the foam inserts), you have a conductive hearing loss. This suggests a problem with the mechanical structures (moving parts) of the ears.

    Conductive hearing loss is often a medically treatable condition for which we will provide you with a referral to an Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) physician. However, if bone and air conduction thresholds match, it indicates a sensorineural hearing loss (permanent), and the treatment will likely involve hearing aids.



    Comprehensive 5-Year treatment plan with premium technology

    If you want premium “out of this world” technology and the highest level of service and expert support, our All-Inclusive treatment plan is the right investment for you.

    The All-Inclusive treatment plan offers long-term value for your on-the-go lifestyle, providing everything you need to connect with family and friends for years to come.


    • Stellar hearing devices from top manufacturer (rechargeable option available)

    • Wireless accessory included at no charge

    • Comprehensive Annual Visit including hearing assessment, hearing device adjustment, and 19-Point preventative maintenance valutaion

    • Bi-annual hearing aid software update and reprogramming

    • Same day diagnosis and in-office repair during weekdays for devices dropped off before 3:00 p.m.

    • 5-Year full-service repair warranty

    • Unlimited remote hearing aid adjustments

    • 100% moisture removal by Redux and cleaning

    • Hearing aid supplies (stock receivers, batteries, domes and filters)

    • $1000 contribution towards purchase of upgraded technology within 48 months

    • 3-Year replacement warranty for loss or damage (no deductible)

    • Dedicated team of hearing care experts at your service

    • Unlimited teleaudiology appointments

    • Access to our “speed of light” repair specialists