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Why Dr. Susan is Recognised for Her Highest Audiological Standards

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Dr. Jan and Dr. Susan make up the AudCouple, two of Alabama’s most trusted doctors of audiology.

Through the AudCouple podcast and resources, many people turn to them for advice, support and expertise on all aspects of hearing health.

If you have a question, they’d be delighted to answer. 

Dr. Jan

Doctor of Audiology

Dr. Susan

Doctor of Audiology

Six Reasons Why Patients Choose Alabama Hearing

#1 - Hearing Professionals You Can Trust

At Alabama Hearing Associates, you will receive the highest level of hearing care and advice by respected local audiology professionals, including “The AuDCouple”.

The AuDCouple, Dr. Susan Sheehy and Dr. Jan Liles, founded Alabama Hearing Associates in 2002. They are two of Alabama’s most trusted Doctors of Audiology with their audiology-focused podcast and growing social media following. 


#2 - Preferred Choice by Professionals

For working professionals who are busy changing the world, taking time off for hearing care can be inconvenient. 

As we care for the hearing of some of our community’s greatest minds, we’ve become the preferred choice for professionals with flexible scheduling, telehealth appointments and remote programming for many hearing aids. 

#3 - 28 Years of Experience

When it comes to our health, we all want to work with experienced medical professionals. 

With Alabama Hearing Associates, you can rest assured that you’re being cared for by a highly experienced team, who provide audiological best practices for every patient. 

#4 - Unique Journey to Better Hearing

We have developed a “Patient Journey” which outlines our methodical, evidence-based approach to healthy hearing. Our treatment plans allow our patients to hear better and continue bringing their unique contributions to the world, their communities and their families.  

Our unique “Patient Journey” is your roadmap to better hearing. 


#5 - Trusted by Physicians

Many local physicians refer their patients to the Doctors of Audiology at Alabama Hearing Associates. 

Sensorineural hearing loss is commonly associated with other health challenges, including diabetes and cardiovascular disease. We are proud to be the trusted audiologists that local physicians turn to, and we appreciate the opportunity to contribute to the overall health of their patients. 

#6 - Convenient In-Home Hearing Care with TeleAudiology

You asked, we answered. We are proud to be the first audiologists in North Alabama to introduce ‘Teleaudiology’ – audiology and hearing care from the comfort of your home using video calling technology.

  • Great folks at Alabama Hearing Associates! Dr. Susan has been wonderful to work with. Professional all the way. The follow ups and expertise is genuine. If you suffer with hearing loss, this is the place to go.

    Russ West Avatar
    Russ West
  • I’ve been very pleased with Alabama Hearing Associates. Whether you call or are there in person, they are the kindest and friendliest people you’ll ever meet. I’ve seen both doctors and have been very pleased with their concern and care. My appointments have been at the Huntsville office and Deann, the receptionist, is always smiling, friendly and helpful. I highly recommend Alabama Hearing Associates.

    Billy Wayne White Avatar
    Billy Wayne White
  • Jim Zurasky they listen to my concerns and respond quickly

    Patricia Zurasky Avatar
    Patricia Zurasky
  • Competent, frendly service.

    Fred O'Connor Avatar
    Fred O'Connor
  • Great staff. Very patient , took time to answer all my questions.

    Jerry Courtney Avatar
    Jerry Courtney

Madison’s Most Trusted Hearing Care Experts

Hearing loss does not mean that you are broken. 

Hearing loss is a sign that you’ve lived a rich and abundant life! Your experiences and opportunities have gradually taken a toll on your hearing, making communication a little harder than it used to be.

At Alabama Hearing Associates, we promise to reconnect you to the people you need to hear, so that you can continue to meet your personal goals and live your best life.

Premium hearing aid technology and audiological best practices established by industry leaders are at the core of our treatment recommendations. This methodical, evidence-based approach to hearing healthcare reunites you with friends, family, and colleagues so that you feel confident tackling each and every day.

With offices in Madison and Huntsville, you have access to Alabama’s most trusted Doctors of Audiology, experts that many local professionals and scientists turn to for hearing help.

If you are ready to take the first step, call us today at 256-319-4327.


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