With a ‘Stay at Home’ order across Alabama and many audiologists and hearing care professionals closing their doors, you may be struggling to find the help or advice that you’re looking for.

At Alabama Hearing Associates, we have been looking for innovative ways to continue to help patients and deliver award-winning care.

This has been achieved through ‘Teleaudiology’.

Both new and current patients have been able to have face-to-face appointments with our Doctors of Audiology via video call by using their Smart Phone, Tablet or PC.

This allows them to stay safe, stay home and continue to receive the care, support and professional guidance that they’ve come to expect from Alabama Hearing Associates.

More recently, we are receiving calls from people who are either concerned about their hearing and looking for advice, or people that have purchased hearing devices elsewhere but need help.

That’s why we are proud to introduce ‘Ask The Audiologist Teleaudiology Appointments’.

These informative 15-minute appointments have been introduced to help those who need our professional advice and support during these difficult times

Has the extended time at home caused you to question your hearing, maybe brought to light some communication challenges you didn’t notice before? Are your loved ones moaning about the volume of the television or accusing you of not paying attention?

Are your hearing devices (that were purchased elsewhere) not working and your current provider or store is not available to help?

Then the ideal first step should be to schedule a complimentary Teleaudiology appointment to speak to a highly-trusted Doctor of Audiology.

For more information and to schedule your appointment, please click here.



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Dr. Jan Liles

Dr. Jan Liles

Dr. Liles earned her bachelor’s degree from the University of Montevallo and her master’s degree from the University of Alabama. From 1991 to 2001, she worked with two ENT medical practices and initiated one of the first newborn hearing screening programs in the state. In 2002, she was awarded a doctorate in audiology from the University of Florida. Dr. Liles and her longtime best friend, Dr. Sheehy, founded Alabama Hearing Associates in January 2002.