Meet Pam – Our Insurance Specialist

What’s your favorite season?

Spring – it always signifies a new beginning and longer days. It means I get to go outside when I get home during the week and feel the sunshine on my face. I love the smell of the earth as I turn the soil in my garden beds. I usually feel rejuvenated after having spent most of the winter inside hibernating.

Who is your favorite sports team?

Ohio State Buckeyes. Go Bucks!!!What is your favorite food?

Ice Cream. Any flavor. Any time of year.Dog or Cat?


If you could travel anywhere in the world for free, where would you go?

Patagonia. It’s my dream vacation to hike to the tip of South America and then take a cutter ship into Antarctica.

Pam grew up in Gary, Indiana and is our much-loved insurance specialist. She’s seen as a superhero to patients as she helps them to maximize their insurance coverage.

Her favorite thing about being part of the Alabama Hearing Associates team is “helping people with a hearing loss to hear better.” As a grandparent, she loves spending time with her grandchildren, loves reading, and is an avid traveler.

Outside Of The Clinic

What’s your favorite season?

Summer – I love the hot weather, sunshine, and if I can get to the beach, all the better!

Who is your favorite sports team?

Chicago Cubs!

Are you sweet or salty?


What is your favorite food?

Anything Italian.

Dog or Cat?


If you could travel anywhere in the world for free, where would you go?

Sweden – to visit my relatives that I’ve never met.

pam - insurance specialist bio

“Had a good experience at Alabama Hearing Associates. The examination was the most thorough that I have received. Opportunity to ask questions and I look forward to follow up visits.”

Donald Simms

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