No one comes to us because they want hearing aids; they come to us because they have communication difficulties. Their spouse is upset because they “aren’t paying attention.” Or maybe they have difficulty following conversations at work. They are frustrated because they can’t understand a favorite television program, even with the volume turned up. They may even find themselves irritable because others are mumbling or speaking too fast.


Today’s digital hearing aids offer amazing hearing solutions. The devices are small digital computers programmed to enhance those sounds that a person is having trouble hearing. They don’t just make everything louder, they amplify softer sounds to improve comprehension. The technology can reduce unwanted sounds like road noise or the clatter of dishes at your favorite restaurant. Sound quality has improved in recent years, rich and clear like nature intended.

With features like Bluetooth, hearing aids can be paired with your cell phone or other devices to enhance your listening experience. Today’s devices are so small, powerful and packed with a wide range of features to fit any lifestyle and budget.

Alabama Hearing Associates is your source for hearing aids in Huntsville and Madison.If you find yourself or your loved one struggling with conversations, turning up the volume very high on the TV, or withdrawing socially there could very well be an underlying hearing loss. The first step isn’t hearing aids. The first step is a thorough hearing evaluation by one of our highly trained hearing experts.  We’ll figure out what is the underlying cause for your difficulties and whether or not hearing aids will address those difficulties.

We encourage you to take the first step, by setting an appointment for a complete evaluation. We understand that it isn’t hearing aids that you seek… you want to improve your communication with the people closest to you.

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We promise our patients the following:

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Dr. Jan Liles and Dr. Susan Sheehy are audiologists, business partners, and great friends. In this, the first of many installments, you’ll meet the AuD Couple.

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  • “Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!!!! In two visits you’ve brought my hearing levels close to perfect for me. Not exactly sure how, but the last session settings have me hearing the television at a near normal volume level without using the 4th ‘outdoor’ setting (which works perfectly as well). The fitting is comfortable, without any slippage of device or feedback. After nearly 4 years, I finally feel like the devices are worthwhile.”

  • “Dr. Jan Liles at Alabama Hearing Associates has demonstrated integrity, professional competence, patience, and a true interest in improving my ability to hear. She was candid from the beginning, acknowledging that I have a very difficult hearing loss and will never hear as I did before. She has gone the extra mile in attempting to improve my hearing, trying four different hearing aids over a period of several months, patiently listening to my observations about each one, and helping me to chose the hearing aid best suited for me. After the selection, she continues to work dilligently with me to make sure that I receive the maximum benefit from my hearing aids.”

  • “Progressive hearing loss has made it necessary for me to wear first one, now two hearing aids, since the mid-1980’s. During the past twenty years I have lived in various places from a small island 3,500 miles southwest of Hawaii, to New Mexico, to Colorado, and finally to Huntsville, Alabama. This has given me experience with a wide range of approaches to audiology. Dr. Susan Sheehy and Dr. Jan Liles are way ahead of others I’ve worked with. Their competence in and use of the fast-evolving hearing aid technology gives them a broad range of options to chose from. This competence backs up their determination to find the best hearing solution for each patient.”

  • “The audiologists at Alabama Hearing Associates are the most caring and helpful people I have had the privilege of knowing. From the very first day that I stepped into their office, their only concern was to help me. They wanted to be sure that the hearing aids I purchased were the right ones for me and that I would be happy with them. Unlike the previous company I purchased hearing aids from (which I can’t wear because they were not right for me), they did not try to sell me the most expensive aids. Their only concern was for me and my satisfaction with the hearing aids.”

  • “For the past 10 years I have had progressive hearing loss, and have worked with audiologists in Birmingham and Huntsville without success. Then Dr. Jan Liles came into my life and it all changed. She is knowledgeable, professional, caring, and compassionate. Dr. Liles immediately identified my needs and took time to make me a vital part of all decisions regarding the hearing aids that best suited my hearing loss. Dr. Liles has given me the ability to hear and understand what my grandchildren are saying and that is a very special gift! I am indebted to Dr. Liles and Dr. Sheehy for having the foresight to see the need in our community for their professional services.”

  • “I have worn hearing aids since I was nine years old. Until I met Jan and Susan at Alabama Hearing Associates, I had never dealt with such professional, caring, patient, and compassionate people. They have really helped me and I will be forever grateful to them!”

  • “I am extremely happy with the care I have received at Alabama Hearing Associates. I was impressed from the very beginning with the ability of Dr. Liles and Dr. Sheehy to be very professional and yet still relate to me on a personal level. I immediately felt comfortable and confident that I had chosen the right people to meet my hearing needs”