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That’s One Small Step for Alabama Hearing Associates, One Giant Leap for Hearing Healthcare in Alabama and Beyond

Our community knows better than most how technology is changing the way we communicate with the world around us.

What has historically been challenging is now simple, and we’re constantly exploring new ways to serve our patients, maximizing their time and our own.

In the world of audiology and hearing care, patients have generally been required to travel to the clinic in order to receive face-to-face evaluations and treatment.

Whether seeking an initial discussion about hearing challenges or help with existing hearing devices, an in-office visit would typically be scheduled during normal business hours.

At Alabama Hearing Associates, we are proud to be the first in North Alabama to introduce ‘Teleaudiology’ for new and existing patients.

What is Teleaudiology?

Rather than visiting our office personally, ‘Teleaudiology’ allows you to have face-to-face appointments remotely via video call.

Using your Smart Phone, Tablet or PC, you can personally speak with a Doctor of Audiology regarding hearing loss and tinnitus.

Best of all, many hearing aids have remote programming capabilities, removing the need for some face-to-face appointments. This saves you to time and money, while partnering with the most trusted Doctors of Audiology in the State without travel constraints.

Why Teleaudiology?

Our part of the world is unique, with high tech industries dominating our local economy.

Many of our patients are working professionals, who are comfortable with online calls and meetings. They often prefer virtual appointments and many don’t need the support that a typical hearing aid wearer may require.

At Alabama Hearing Associates, we see ‘Teleaudiology’ as the perfect next step in hearing care for our community, allowing many of our local hard-working heroes to care for their hearing without having to take time away from work.

ask the audiologist

Schedule “Ask The Audiologist” Teleaudiology Appointment

If you would like to schedule a ‘Ask The Audiologist’ consultation to discuss your hearing challenges or ask questions, you can schedule a 15-minute complimentary virtual appointment with a Doctor of Audiology.

Were you recently diagnosed with a hearing loss and you’re not sure what to do next? Do you need help making sense of all those online ads for hearing aids and tinnitus cures? Not sure if you need a hearing aid? This may be the best place to start.

To schedule your appointment, complete this form and then choose a date/time on an interactive online schedule.


Basic Hearing Test

A basic hearing test begins with an air conduction test. You will be seated in a soundproof booth and single-use, foam earphones will be inserted into your ear canals. The Audiologist will ask you to push a button or raise your hand when you barely hear a series of beeps (tones) presented at various frequencies (pitches) to obtain your air conduction thresholds.

To determine whether your hearing loss is a conductive (mechanical) loss, sensorineural (permanent) loss or combination of the two, we perform a bone conduction test.  

For this test, a head band is place on the bone behind one of the ears to obtain your bone conduction thresholds. This process provides a different form of sound transmission using vibration, which bypasses the eardrum and the middle ear bones and directly stimulates the auditory nerve. When you hear the beeps/tones, you will push a button or raise your hand.

If bone conduction thresholds are better than air conduction thresholds (through the foam inserts), you have a conductive hearing loss. This suggests a problem with the mechanical structures (moving parts) of the ears.

Conductive hearing loss is often a medically treatable condition for which we will provide you with a referral to an Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) physician. However, if bone and air conduction thresholds match, it indicates a sensorineural hearing loss (permanent), and the treatment will likely involve hearing aids.



Comprehensive 5-Year treatment plan with premium technology

If you want premium “out of this world” technology and the highest level of service and expert support, our All-Inclusive treatment plan is the right investment for you.

The All-Inclusive treatment plan offers long-term value for your on-the-go lifestyle, providing everything you need to connect with family and friends for years to come.


• Stellar hearing devices from top manufacturer (rechargeable option available)

• Wireless accessory included at no charge

• Comprehensive Annual Visit including hearing assessment, hearing device adjustment, and 19-Point preventative maintenance valutaion

• Bi-annual hearing aid software update and reprogramming

• Same day diagnosis and in-office repair during weekdays for devices dropped off before 3:00 p.m.

• 5-Year full-service repair warranty

• Unlimited remote hearing aid adjustments

• 100% moisture removal by Redux and cleaning

• Hearing aid supplies (stock receivers, batteries, domes and filters)

• $1000 contribution towards purchase of upgraded technology within 48 months

• 3-Year replacement warranty for loss or damage (no deductible)

• Dedicated team of hearing care experts at your service

• Unlimited teleaudiology appointments

• Access to our “speed of light” repair specialists