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  • Have recommended AHA without reservation many times! Dr. Sheehy keeps up-to-date on treatments and solutions for my specific hearing loss issues. Very professional, top-notch service, and I am always greeted with a smile!

    Denise Williamson Avatar
    Denise Williamson
  • Great staff. Very patient , took time to answer all my questions.

    Jerry Courtney Avatar
    Jerry Courtney
  • Dr. Jan Liles and her staff are some of the most caring and competent medical professionals we have encountered. We are so grateful for the way this practice serves our community and beyond with their dedication to patients and families. I whole heartedly recommend this practice for heating needs.

    Lauren Sulcer Jenkins Avatar
    Lauren Sulcer Jenkins
  • I lost hearing in my right ear and was told there was nothing that could be done. WRONG!!! Jan asked to take a try. After at least an hour she figured out how to help me. I now hear very much improved!

    We have been recommending Alabama Hearing as my wife has been a patient for over 10 years.

    I can now say how great they are from my own experience. They are awesome!

    Thank You Very Much Alabama Hearing!

    George Anthony

    George Anthony Jr Avatar
    George Anthony Jr
  • Not only are they very knowledgeable about the latest products, they don't just try and sell the latest-greatest (most expensive) aides. They make sure the aides are right for the patient, and genuinely care about satisfaction.

    Carrie Spooner Avatar
    Carrie Spooner

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It is often the small things that hold us back from making a decision. That’s why we are on hand to help.

Simply complete the Callback form to request a friendly, no-obligation conversation with one of our helpful team members.

Basic Hearing Test

A basic hearing test begins with an air conduction test. You will be seated in a soundproof booth and single-use, foam earphones will be inserted into your ear canals. The Audiologist will ask you to push a button or raise your hand when you barely hear a series of beeps (tones) presented at various frequencies (pitches) to obtain your air conduction thresholds.

To determine whether your hearing loss is a conductive (mechanical) loss, sensorineural (permanent) loss or combination of the two, we perform a bone conduction test.  

For this test, a head band is place on the bone behind one of the ears to obtain your bone conduction thresholds. This process provides a different form of sound transmission using vibration, which bypasses the eardrum and the middle ear bones and directly stimulates the auditory nerve. When you hear the beeps/tones, you will push a button or raise your hand.

If bone conduction thresholds are better than air conduction thresholds (through the foam inserts), you have a conductive hearing loss. This suggests a problem with the mechanical structures (moving parts) of the ears.

Conductive hearing loss is often a medically treatable condition for which we will provide you with a referral to an Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) physician. However, if bone and air conduction thresholds match, it indicates a sensorineural hearing loss (permanent), and the treatment will likely involve hearing aids.



Comprehensive 5-Year treatment plan with premium technology

If you want premium “out of this world” technology and the highest level of service and expert support, our All-Inclusive treatment plan is the right investment for you.

The All-Inclusive treatment plan offers long-term value for your on-the-go lifestyle, providing everything you need to connect with family and friends for years to come.


• Stellar hearing devices from top manufacturer (rechargeable option available)

• Wireless accessory included at no charge

• Comprehensive Annual Visit including hearing assessment, hearing device adjustment, and 19-Point preventative maintenance valutaion

• Bi-annual hearing aid software update and reprogramming

• Same day diagnosis and in-office repair during weekdays for devices dropped off before 3:00 p.m.

• 5-Year full-service repair warranty

• Unlimited remote hearing aid adjustments

• 100% moisture removal by Redux and cleaning

• Hearing aid supplies (stock receivers, batteries, domes and filters)

• $1000 contribution towards purchase of upgraded technology within 48 months

• 3-Year replacement warranty for loss or damage (no deductible)

• Dedicated team of hearing care experts at your service

• Unlimited teleaudiology appointments

• Access to our “speed of light” repair specialists