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  • Everything! Dr. Jan is AMAZING, and the staff always pleasant and helpful. I love my Phonak aides!!

    Glen Rauch Avatar
    Glen Rauch
  • I have an unusual hearing loss and have been to almost every audiologist in this area and have never received as much information and as much help for my hearing loss as Alabama Hearing Associates. They are extremely knowledgeable, thorough, and careful to program the hearing aids so that so that you get the best hearing experience possible. I can't recommend them more highly. Thank you, Doctor Susan and Doctor Sarah!!!

    Elaine Johnson Avatar
    Elaine Johnson
  • I went in for my 4 months check just yesterday. I have been seeing Dr. Susan Sheehy for over four years now and have been completely pleased with her ability to help me with my hearing problem. She is always available when something goes wrong. Actually she was able to repair one of my aides after my little doggie had her way with it. It was not working at all, but Dr. Susan repaired it in the office. Woo woo. I would (and have) recommended Ala. Hearing Associates.

    Wilda Davis Avatar
    Wilda Davis
  • Getting a hearing aid was not exactly something on the top of my list but you don’t know what you don’t hear… Many of my love ones were pressing me to get a hearing test because they were tired of repeating also I was playing the television too loud... bottom line is I didn’t do great on my hearing test so I got hearing aids and they really have changed my life.... I hear birds chirping that I didn’t hear before I’m able to watch the TV at a more family friendly volume.. I can hear students that are three rows back asking a question ..and they say it’s better hearing is good for your brain that the lack of hearing can cause early Alzheimer’s and I certainly didn’t want anything like..that’s my review these folks are great and they can help you change your life!

    Jimmy Carter Avatar
    Jimmy Carter
  • Amazing You guys are great!


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