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Although Audiology is Not Rocket Science, We Do Take Care of Rocket Scientists

The Most Trusted Hearing Care Experts in North Alabama and the Tennessee Valley

Hearing loss does not mean that you are broken.

Hearing loss is a sign that you’ve lived a rich and abundant life! Your experiences and opportunities have gradually taken a toll on your hearing, making communication a little harder than it used to be.

At Alabama Hearing Associates, we promise to reconnect you to the people you need to hear, so that you can continue to meet your personal goals and live your best life.

Premium hearing aid technology and audiological best practices established by industry leaders are at the core of our treatment recommendations. This methodical, evidence-based approach to hearing healthcare reunites you with friends, family, and colleagues so that you feel confident tackling each and every day.

With offices in Madison and Huntsville, you have access to Alabama’s most trusted Doctors of Audiology, experts that many local professionals and scientists turn to for hearing help.

If you are ready to take the first step, call us today at 256-319-4327 (Madison) or 256-489-0903 (Huntsville).

Alabama’s Most Trusted Hearing Care Experts

Comprehensive Hearing Evaluations

When Was The Last Time That You Had A Hearing Evaluation?

Hearing loss can affect anyone, at any point in life, and can be triggered by a number of biological and environmental factors.

It is important to catch hearing loss and begin treatment as early as possible. Early identification improves long term outcomes.

That is why we’re passionate about raising awareness of the first signs of hearing loss in our local community. Regular hearing evaluations are just as important as regular dental cleaning and eye exams.

Advanced Hearing Technology

The Latest Hearing Technology

Our community knows better than most what can be achieved when you combine technology with human intelligence and persistence. It is much the same with hearing technology.

Hearing aids are a critical part of your hearing journey, but hearing aids cannot fit and program themselves. Our methodical, evidence-based approach to hearing healthcare is the key to your desired outcome.

Our Treatment Plans combine audiological best practices with a variety of hearing aid options. When you’re ready to reconnect with family, friends and colleagues, we have a plan for you.


Remote Care Through Teleaudiology

We are the first audiologists in North Alabama to offer ‘Teleaudiology’ to our community and beyond.

Using your Smart Phone, Tablet or PC, you can receive support, get guidance and speak to a professional without travel or time away from work.

This makes caring for your hearing easier and more convenient than ever before.

Request a Callback

It is often the small things that hold us back from making a decision. That’s why we are on hand to help.

Simply complete the Callback form to request a friendly, no-obligation conversation with one of our helpful team members.

Meet the

Dr. Jan Liles and Dr. Susan Sheehy fondly refer to themselves as, The AuDCouple. They are best friends and business partners who founded one of Alabama’s most trusted audiology clinics, Alabama Hearing Associates.

Through the AuDCouple’s podcast and other resources, many people turn to them for advice, support, and expertise on all aspects of hearing health.

If you have a question, they’d be delighted to answer. 


Dr Jan headshot

Dr. Jan

Doctor of Audiology

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Dr. Susan

Doctor of Audiology

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