Meet Chris – Our Account and HR Manager

Chris was born in Enterprise, Alabama and is now our account & HR manager. His role is to ensure that everybody has what they need to deliver the highest level of patient care, managing all administrative and logistical duties, as well as helping improve communication between staff and offices.

When asked what his highlight of his time at Alabama Hearing Associates has been, he shared how he’s proud of how he helped to assemble a fantastic team, with great overall chemistry, capabilities, and attention to the best possible level of patient care!

Outside of the clinic, Chris loves to play and write music on multiple instruments, hike the trails of Monte Sano park, grow organic vegetables, and read/write great literature.

Chris, Account and HR Manager at Alabama Hearing Associates

Outside Of The Clinic

What’s your favorite season?
Summer – I love the long days and the heat (as long as it isn’t too humid) – it also presents the opportunity to travel!
Who is your favorite sports team?
Western Michigan Broncos, at any sport (my alma mater)
What is your favorite food?
Dog or Cat?
If you could travel anywhere in the world for free, where would you go?
I would tour around the Caribbean, spending quality time at every island in the region!
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