Advanced Prescription Hearing Aid Technology

Hearing Technology with a Methodical Plan

Our community understands better than most what can be achieved when you combine technology with human intelligence and persistence. It is much the same with hearing technology.

The latest prescription hearing aid technology is incredibly powerful, offering stellar sound quality and performance. Wireless connections allow phone calls, music and television to stream directly to your hearing aids for exceptional clarity.

But prescription hearing aids do not fit and program themselves! For best outcomes, you also need the human touch and expertise provided by our Doctors of Audiology.

In 2006, the American Academy of Audiology published “Guidelines for the Audiologic Management of Adult Hearing Impairment.” These guidelines were intended to provide a set of standards or “Best Practices” for the assessment and treatment of hearing loss in adults. The goal for performing best practices is to increase the likelihood of patient satisfaction and benefit as often as possible.

After your Functional Hearing Assessment, we will work together to develop your “Connect 365” Treatment Plan, which will include the best prescription hearing aid technology for your hearing loss, listening needs, preferences, and lifestyle. Once we agree on the hearing aids, you will choose your ongoing maintenance plan. You may choose to pay for ongoing care annually, as an All-Inclusive Five-Year plan, or a la carte.

At Alabama Hearing Associates, we follow best practices throughout the assessment and treatment process, and our goal is to have satisfied patients every time!

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PREMIUM $4,760

  • Manufacturer warranty
  • 3-year repair
  • 3-year loss and damage (deductibles apply)


  • Manufacturer warranty
  • 3-year repair
  • 3-year loss and damage (deductibles apply)


  • Manufacturer warranty
  • 3-year repair
  • 3-year loss and damage (deductibles apply)

75-Day Adjustment Period Includes:

  • Hearing aid examination and selection
  • Electroacoustic analysis
  • Conformity/real ear measurement
  • Administrative dispensing fee
  • Comprehensive orientation
  • Programming of hearing aids
  • 75-Day better hearing guarantee
  • Unlimited follow-up care for 75 days



Hearing aids are not a quick fix, and better hearing is truly a journey. Our ‘Continued Care Treatment Plan’ allows you to have the continued support of a hearing care expert throughout the year.

  • Auditory rehabilitation program
  • Dedicated team of hearing care experts at your service
  • Comprehensive annual visit including hearing assessment, hearing
  • Device adjustment, and 19-point preventive maintenance evaluation
  • 100% moisture removal by Redux
  • Two tele-audiology appointments
  • Bi-annual hearing aid firmware update and reprogramming
  • Hearing aid supplies (stock receivers, batteries, domes and filters).
  • Access to our “speed of light” repair specialists within 2 business days
  • $100 discount on any out-of-warranty factory repairs​

Not Included: Replacement or repair of custom ear pieces, wireless accessories, or out-of-warranty hearing aid charger.

All-inclusive treatment plan

The Different Styles of Prescription Hearing Aids

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