This morning a patient dropped off a dead hearing aid that we were able to completely fix with our Redux hearing aid drying system.

It’s truly a marvel and prompted me to ensure that all of you know about one of our newest (and most used) tools.

For this patient, we didn’t just save her time without the hearing aid (1 day vs. about 2 weeks at the factory), but also money!

The average out-of-warranty repair costs about $300 per hearing aid, but the Redux is part of our “Drop Off Repair and Recovery” and only costs $125 (whether you drop off 1 or 2 hearing aids)!

Did you know that your ear canal is as humid as the Amazon Rainforest? 

Hearing aids are built to be worn 10+ hours a day, 7 days a week, in varying levels of humidity and heat—for years! When I think about everything a hearing aid goes through on a daily basis, it’s astounding to me that only around 15% of hearing aids go in for repair on an annual basis.

The number one reason hearing aids are sent to the manufacturer for repair is moisture. Even a tiny bit of liquid (0.5 microliters) in a hearing aid can cause a significant decrease in volume or even complete failure.

Why we love Redux Hearing Aid Drying System

Since the ears are prone to humidity and moisture, it’s not surprising that hearing aids need to be aired out often. Because of this, we offer a treatment called the Redux hearing aid drying system. In 10 minutes or less, the Redux can remove any moisture in the device.

The system works by creating a vacuum chamber that lowers the boiling point of water, then raises the temperature of the hearing aids to evaporate 100% of the moisture.

What I love about the Redux is how much time it’s already saved our patients and us. At least once a week, a hearing aid is saved from being sent off for repair, and countless others are improved from “working okay” to “working just like new.”

Redux Hearing Aid Drying System | Alabama

Alabama Hearing Associates is proud to use the most modern and updated hearing technologies and solutions. The Redux Hearing Aid Drying System is used at every routine hearing aid check appointment and whenever someone drops off their hearing aid for repair and recovery.

If you would like to schedule an appointment for hearing aid maintenance and a Redux treatment, please call us at 256-319-4327 or submit a contact request and one of our helpful team members will call you back shortly.

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Dr. Susan Sheehy

Dr. Sheehy earned her bachelor’s and master’s degrees in audiology at the University of Alabama before beginning her career as a clinical audiologist in Huntsville. In 2005, she received her doctorate in audiology from Salus University. Dr. Sheehy is one of a specialized subset of audiologists certified in tinnitus retraining therapy (TRT). By appointment from the governor, she has served as a member and chairperson of the Alabama Board of Examiners in Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology.