Hearing aids are built to be worn 10+ hours a day, 7 days a week, and in varying levels of humidity and heat, but routine hearing aid maintenance is still necessary for continued hearing aid satisfaction.

It’s no different than getting your oil changed, tires balanced/rotated, and brakes checked every 4,000 miles.

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Our 19-Point Hearing Aid Maintenance Plan includes:

• 30-minute office visit with a Doctor of Audiology
• Listening check of hearing aid to assess the clarity of sound and proper amplification
• Visual inspection of the device
• Otoscopic inspection of ears
• Shell or earmold disinfecting
• Battery contact cleaning
• 100% Moisture removal (Redux)
• Microphone debris suction
• Replacement of microphone covers or filters
• Receiver debris suction
• Vent cleaning
• Wax guard replacement
• Dome replacement (receiver-in-the-ear hearing aids only)
• Earmold tubing change (behind-the-ear hearing aids only)
• Earhook replacement (behind-the-ear hearing aids only)
ANSI (American National Standards Institute) Electroacoustic Analysis of hearing aid performance to ensure it meets manufacturer’s specifications
• Electroacoustic analysis of directional microphone performance
• Hearing aid firmware update (when applicable)
• Datalogging review and reset

For our average patient, most of these hearing aid maintenance steps need to be done twice a year.

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For someone who may be particularly hard on their hearing aids or someone with custom devices, we may need to do most of these things quarterly.

It’s not uncommon for time to slip by or for someone to relocate and not realize how long it has been since their last maintenance visit.

However, when problems are left unchecked, what might have been a simple fix can evolve into a week’s long repair process.

Hearing Aid Maintenance in Alabama

Hearing aids are fragile and delicate devices that are subjected to daily wear and tear. We offer hearing aid maintenance and preventive servicing to ensure that your hearing aids are in mint condition.

If you would like to schedule a hearing aid maintenance appointment for your hearing aids, please call us at 256-319-4327.

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Dr. Sarah Kate Fisher

Dr. Sarah Kate Fisher was born and raised in Huntsville and received her bachelor’s from the University of Alabama and her doctorate from Auburn University.