What is hearing aid adoption?

We want to make sure that everyone hears their best, whether they purchased their hearing aids at our clinic or elsewhere. If you’ve recently moved to town and you’re happy with your hearing technology or you were recently fit with hearing aids and you don’t feel that you’re hearing as well as you like, a hearing aid adoption may be the right thing for you!

What happens during a hearing aid adoption appointment?

During a hearing aid adoption appointment, we ensure that your hearing aids are fully functioning and optimized for your individual hearing needs.

How do can you make sure my hearing aids are optimized for my hearing loss?

The first step is to complete one of our functional hearing assessment appointments. Even the best hearing aids can’t work their best if they’re not programmed correctly. During the assessment, we will measure things such as your cognition and how it relates to your hearing ability, speech in noise capabilities with how the hearing aids are currently functioning, as well as loudness and noise tolerance.

We’ll then verify that your hearing aids are functioning like they did when they were brand new by cleaning them and testing them using electroacoustic analysis.

After that, we will complete real-ear measurements to take into account your results in the acoustics of your ear then remeasure your speech in noise capabilities to ensure an improvement.

Finally, we’ll go over all of your results, our recommendation for your continued care, and answer any questions you may have.

This process can be completed for any unlocked hearing aids, regardless of the brand. If for some reason your hearing aids are locked and we’re unable to make any programming changes to them or your hearing aids aren’t appropriate for you, we’ll have a discussion about what your best options are and demonstrate those solutions for you in the office.

My hearing aids are under warranty, will there be a charge for this appointment?

The hearing aid warranty is with the manufacturer, not with the provider. This means that while the hearing aid can be sent in to the manufacturer for repair, you will be responsible for any and all services with us.

Before your appointment, you can ask for a price quote for the appointment and will receive a list of the likely needed services and the costs for those procedures.

We also have a continued care treatment plan that is available for anyone to purchase after your adoption appointment that will cover all in-office services for your hearing aids.

If you would like to know more about Hearing Aid Adoption, schedule an appointment by calling us at 256-319-4327.  You may also submit a contact request and one of our helpful team members will call you back shortly.

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Dr. Jan Liles

Dr. Liles earned her bachelor’s degree from the University of Montevallo and her master’s degree from the University of Alabama. From 1991 to 2001, she worked with two ENT medical practices and initiated one of the first newborn hearing screening programs in the state. In 2002, she was awarded a doctorate in audiology from the University of Florida. Dr. Liles and her longtime best friend, Dr. Sheehy, founded Alabama Hearing Associates in January 2002.